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autherTara Ostrowe, MS, RD is a registered dietitian and sports nutrition based in New York City who provides individual, team, family, and corporate nutrition counseling, consulting, and education to adolescents and adults. Tara specializes in areas such as sports nutrition, eating disorder management, weight management, and cardiovascular health. Her mission through lifestyle nutrition counseling is to help her clients develop healthful eating and exercise behavior changes for long term health. She believes that balance and moderation is the key to living a healthy and happy life.


Tara recognizes that everyone’s needs are unique, and therefore creates personalized and specialized nutrition plans to help clients meet their individual behavioral goals and desired outcomes. By providing a warm environment, she ensures that her clients feel completely at ease and comfortable with expressing themselves. As a dedicated nutritionist, Tara aims to empower her clients with the necessary knowledge, skills, support, and motivation to achieve and maintain their targeted goals.


Tara Ostrowe, MS, RD,

Registered Dietitian / Nutritionist / Exercise Physiologist / Lifestyle Nutrition Counseling

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  • Individual, family, and small group nutrition counseling for Adolescents and Adults
  • Supermarket Tours and Personal Grocery Shopping
  • Athletic Team Consulting
  • Meal and Dining Out Support
  • Food Intake And Recipe Nutrient Analysis
  • Meal Support
  • Media, Nutrition Presentations, Spokesperson
  • Corporate or Small Business Nutrition Consulting and Wellness
  • Food sensitivity testing, analysis, and nutrition plan
  • Body composition analysis
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